Instagram to hide likes count in more countries

In an effort to encourage users to not be ‘likes’ obsessed and bring focus back to the content itself; Instagram developers have been experimenting with an update that will remove like counts in certain countries. The idea being to remove the feature all together for all markets. So far this experiment with the likes feature […]

Tech tip: How to do hard refresh in Chrome, Firefox or Safari?

Browser cache is a useful function for web browsing, it makes┬ávisiting your favorite sites faster because your browser stores data from the site instead of downloading it refresh every time. However. this function can be a real pain point for developers. Modern day browsers nowadays cache every front-end resource like javascript or CSS style sheets. […]

Hottest Web Design Trends for 2017

The web is a rapidly evolving space. Technologies and development techniques can appear quickly. Ever improving tools allow for greater freedom when designing interfaces and interactions. And because of this, web design patterns and techniques can begin to trend within a short period of time. Below is a list of web design trends to keep […]