An Influencer vs. Hotel Owner feud has us asking: How do we deal in 2019?

In this era of the internet, we’re all under the influence. Well… some of us, that is. As of 2019, social media ‘influencers’ have become a huge industry. And by 2020, it’s expected to be worth at least $5 billion dollars. Whether you find yourself under the influence or not, we’ve all seen those posts […]

OK Google: How can I optimize my website for Voice Search?

If you haven’t heard, voice search has become a big deal — and if done right, can direct much more traffic to your site. A few years ago, everyone was counting down the days until Google released its dreaded April 2015 algorithm update – which became known as “Mobilegeddon”. The prospect of mobile SEO had […]

The Future Of Marketing

Did Elon Musk just pull off the most effective advertisement of all time? Without even trying to sell you anything, Elon Musk – founder, CEO of SpaceX and co-founder, CEO of Tesla – has everyone buzzing about Falcon Heavy rockets and Tesla roadsters.     This isn’t the first time Tesla has created marketing magic. […]