I’m as equally excited about this concept as I am skeptical. However, before jumping into this, let me just say that I’m not affiliated with not compensated but Volkfi. I’m just an avid techie/futurist hooked on technologically progress and the democratization of resources that it usually brings. Whew that’s a mouthful ^_^.

Let’s start with why I’m skeptical. For the obvious ( or perhaps not ) question of reliability and what it will be like in the early stages anyway. These things have to have a serious range, or a lot of user density in a specific area for this to really be effective.

At first I thought perhaps they were just leasing cellular network bandwidth like other low cost carriers ( talking about you Boost and Consumer Cellular ), but no, in fact this is a legitimate people powered network.

I’ll leave it to you to read up on their website, how this all actually works, but the short and skinny is that you’re using a special wifi router at home along with a specially designed phone to in tandem with other ‘users’ on the network.

This leads me to the exciting part. The idea of decentralized mobile and home data network opens us up whole new world of awesome connectivity while closing the door on bullying by major players and their gnarly, sometimes arbitrary billing schemes. 

The idea being, you can get coverage in areas normally untouched, no slowdowns due to data limits based on plans or big corp fat cats trying to cramp your style as you live stream from the middle of nowhere. Or perhaps something more productive like a mobile weather station. Basically, the use applications extend beyond what I or we can think of now because there will be a learning curve as we wrap our heads around this new way of internet-ing on the go.

What’s your take on this. Let me know by commenting below.

Get the full scoop on how this all works on the Volkfi Official Website

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