In this era of the internet, we’re all under the influence. Well… some of us, that is. As of 2019, social media ‘influencers’ have become a huge industry. And by 2020, it’s expected to be worth at least $5 billion dollars. Whether you find yourself under the influence or not, we’ve all seen those posts on Instagram… You know the ones of scantily-clad Instagram models in risqué poses with luxurious accommodations in the background. Now, you’d think with making so much money advertising products on various social channels, these influencers would have plenty of cash to pony up for said accommodations. Well, it seems maybe not. 

The heated exchange between British social media influencer and YouTube vlogger Elle Darby and Paul Stetson, owner of The Charleville Lodge Hotel and The White Moose Café in Dublin has been going viral. What started the feud? Ms. Darby sent Mr. Stetson an email asking for a free stay – in exchange for “exposure” to her thousands of followers on social media. Rather than a simple, “No”, Stetson boldly berated Darby for her entitled, presumptuous request and “lack of self-respect”. Stetson also posted his reply to the influencer (leaving out her name) to the The White Moose Café’s Facebook Page. Although he left out her name, Ms. Darby responded with a YouTube video. The feud has gotten Stetson and his hotel and café more attention than he could have imagined. 

What are your thoughts on this feud? What about on social media influencers in general? 

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Published by Merilyn Ritchie

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