There’s no place like home… to work, that is.

If you’re looking to leave your cramped, overpriced digs to work from home permanently in a new area, you’re not alone. After nearly a year working from home full-time, millions of people are looking to relocate. And while the pandemic has fueled a remote work boom, working remotely is not a new trend. In fact, the US Census has reported an increase in work-from-home professionals every year since 2010; increasing from 4.3% of Americans in 2010 to 5.7% in 2019. But of course, COVID has accelerated that growth. By mid-June of 2020, Statista reported, up to 11.2% of workers in various industries were staying home, and 22% of workers said they’d be interested in working from home permanently. As reported by FlexJobs, a recent survey of company leaders found that 80% of them plan to allow employees to work remotely “at least part of the time” after the pandemic, while 47% will allow work-from-home full-time. 

If you can work from anywhere, though, where should you go? 

The Best Work-From-Home Cities 

PC Mag found that Chattanooga, Tennessee, is a prime option for those who can work remotely with its citywide fiber network (ideal for web-based work) and affordable real estate. Learn more about Chattanooga here.

Several towns in southern Vermont (including Pawlet and Springfield) also rank high for good internet connection. 

Bear Valley Springs, California is a great option for those looking to relocate out west. 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Phoenix, Arizona, offer the amenities of big cities at a lower cost of living than a city like New York.

North of the border, towns in Atlantic Canada like Dieppe and Halifax are cheaper to live in and have robust fiber internet.

Check out PC Mag’s roundup of the 60 best work-from-home cities here

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