Google has added a new Easter egg celebrating the theatrical release of Avengers: Endgame. Just goto Google[dot]com and search “Thanos”, there you will find ( on the right under his info card ) and then click the gauntlet. Go ahead, I’ll wait…


In the mean time maybe check out a spoiler-free review by our friends at The Verge.


Crazy Right?! Google out did themselves with this one.


Now, if you didn’t check it out, [Dude WTF?] clicking the gem-studded gauntlet triggers the power of the Infinity Stones wiping out half the search results on the page. You’ll see, for example, the 90,700,000 results drop to 45,350,000 in just 0.44 seconds. As well as dust the results you can see with just a blank space left behind.


And if becomes to much to bare you can always click the glove again to return your world to normal.

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