Your A-Z Extension of Your In-House Digital Marketing Team

Our experiences building our own proprietary brands gave us (and then helped us refine) a portfolio of in-demand skillsets in Art & Design, Prototyping, Communications, Branding, Agile Marketing, Advertising, and more.

High-end Industry Experience + Passionate Creative Team. 

EX Media serves new and established businesses across the U.S. and the Caribbean that are missing all or a few aspects of a digital team. Facing rising marketing team costs, retention challenges, overhead burdens, and high turnover rates in the past two years, we recognized the need to step up and become your go-to solution for amplifying resources or even replacing your marketing operations entirely. That’s where we excel – it’s our niche and expertise. We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive range of services and the infrastructure to flawlessly execute your day-to-day marketing operations.

Content Strategy

Content Marketing

Capture your audience's attention with custom storytelling that ignites trust and inspires action. From engaging blog posts to informative whitepapers, helpful how-to guides to compelling web copy, and brand messaging that resonates, we've got you covered.

White-label Production

Elevate your brand's engagement and credibility with top-notch video production content. Our spokesperson videos, including how-to guides and explainer videos, will captivate your audience. Boost your conversion rates by 80% with video on your landing page and experience 200–300% higher click-through rates by including videos in your emails. *Please note that aerial video services are currently available in Miami, FL, and The Bahamas.
App Development

eCommerce Mobile Applications

With 80% of users making purchases on smartphones and tablets, it's time to tap into this growing market. Expand your retail operations and increase your online sales with our top-notch eCommerce mobile applications.
Paid Advertising


Drive targeted and relevant traffic straight to your website or app with our expert paid advertising services. Whether it's Google Ads, Social Media Ads, or Retargeting, we'll ensure your campaigns supercharge your online visibility and deliver impressive results.
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

With email marketing, your brand can easily communicate with your loyal customers and engage potential ones. Our comprehensive email marketing campaigns offer a seamless way to achieve this.Through strategic email marketing, your brand can effectively boost sales, introduce new products or services, highlight achievements, and share valuable and relevant content with your audience. Successful email marketing is more than just sending messages – it's about creating and delivering engaging emails that can lead to increased revenue when done right.
Design / Photography

Media Buying & Photography

Eye-catching visuals for your brand, because story-telling goes beyond words. Something as simple as a brand mark will speak volumes. Whether it's product photography, real estate visuals, professional headshots, aerial snapshots, or beyond – we've got you covered.
Influencer Marketing

Talent & Influencer Marketing

Sometimes it takes finding the perfect names and faces to help tell your brand’s story.
Social Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Make your mark on social media with our expert graphic design and social media management. We'll help you make a lasting impact and effectively engage with your audience.
Design / Graphics

Branded Content

Looking to gain an edge in today’s highly competitive business world? If so, you’ll need memorable, visually-stunning marketing materials. Our design services are here to bring your advertising ideas to life. We specialize in creating clean and impactful custom designs for various marketing materials like flyers, banners, and billboards. Our print-ready designs are tailored to your needs and delivered on time. 
Branding / Visual Merchandising

Pop-Up Events & Experiential

Bringing your brand’s personality to life, IRL.
Digital Marketing

Marketing Consulting

If you're eager to take the reins but unsure where to start in the vast world of marketing, our marketing consulting services are here to guide you. No more getting lost in the Google rabbit hole; we'll show you the most effective strategies tailored to your unique needs.
Web / Software Development

Emerging Platforms

Discover the future of connectivity with our innovative emerging platforms. Unleashing cutting-edge technology and unparalleled user experiences, these platforms redefine the way you interact with the digital world. Stay ahead of the curve and embrace the evolution of technology with our curated selection of emerging platforms.

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