Your A-Z Extension of Your In-House Digital Marketing Team

Our experiences building our own proprietary brands gave us (and then helped us refine) a portfolio of in-demand skillsets in Art & Design, Prototyping, Communications, Branding, Agile Marketing, Advertising, and more.

High-end Industry Experience + Passionate Creative Team. 

EX Media serves new and established businesses across the U.S. and the Caribbean that are missing all or a few aspects of a digital team. With marketing team rising costs, retention, overhead, training, and high turnover being a significant hurdle in the past two years, EX Media has stepped up to amplify resources or entirely replace your marketing operation. That is our niche and expertise. We cover a broad range of services and have the infrastructure to execute your day-to-day marketing operations.

Research & Analysis

Data & Insights

Uncovering your target customer’s wants and needs & how to connect them with your brand
Brand Strategy

Creative Strategy & Development

Big ideas driven by careful research and insight.
Content Strategy

Branded Content

Custom storytelling for your brand that sparks action.
Content Marketing

Branded Editorial

 Articles that connect with your audience & boost your brand search rankings.
Content Marketing

White Label Production

Artfully crafted media for all of your brand’s distribution needs.
Art / Design

Design & Photography

Eye-catching visuals for your brand, because story-telling goes beyond words. Something as simple as a brand mark will speak volumes.
Influencer Marketing

Talent & Influence Marketing

Sometimes it takes finding the perfect names and faces to help tell your brand’s story.
Social Marketing

Social Storytelling Consultation & Strategy

Calling on a few skillsets, the goal here is guide your brand on how to create scroll-stopping content that converts.
Web/Software Development

Emerging Platforms

Programming for the ever-evolving digital landscape, because once you refine your message you're going to need a platform to share it through. We develop aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-navigate, well-coded solutions.  
Branding / Visual Merchandising

Pop-Up Events & Experiential

Bringing your brand’s personality to life, IRL.

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