About Us and What We Do.

EX Media is an American Digital Media Holding Company and Digital Marketing/Development Agency based in Miami, Florida. We operate a collection of Digital Media Service, Entertainment and eCommerce platforms including EX Folio, EX Labs, PresentingX and Cool Cat Radio

On the Agency side of the operation, EX Media is engaged in providing a variety of online marketing/advertising services for a wide range of clients throughout Florida, the Midwest/Southwest, and The Bahamas. These services include: Brand Consulting/Management, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns, Media Sourcing, Production and Web/App Development.

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Twitter's rebrand and retool has damaged API services. They now want development teams to pay up to $5000/m to access developer services lol...so standby as we switch to Threads ;)

In the meantime, find us on: Facebook

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