An Influencer vs. Hotel Owner feud has us asking: How do we deal in 2019?

In this era of the internet, we’re all under the influence. Well… some of us, that is. As of 2019, social media ‘influencers’ have become a huge industry. And by 2020, it’s expected to be worth at least $5 billion dollars. Whether you find yourself under the influence or not, we’ve all seen those posts […]

Volkfi: The Crowdsourced Mobile Network?

I’m as equally excited about this concept as I am skeptical. However, before jumping into this, let me just say that I’m not affiliated with not compensated but Volkfi. I’m just an avid techie/futurist hooked on technologically progress and the democratization of resources that it usually brings. Whew that’s a mouthful ^_^. Let’s start with […]