Instagram to hide likes count in more countries

In an effort to encourage users to not be ‘likes’ obsessed and bring focus back to the content itself; Instagram developers have been experimenting with an update that will remove like counts in certain countries. The idea being to remove the feature all together for all markets. So far this experiment with the likes feature […]

Volkfi: The Crowdsourced Mobile Network?

I’m as equally excited about this concept as I am skeptical. However, before jumping into this, let me just say that I’m not affiliated with not compensated but Volkfi. I’m just an avid techie/futurist hooked on technologically progress and the democratization of resources that it usually brings. Whew that’s a mouthful ^_^. Let’s start with […]

25 Instagram Stats You Need to Know

Think your brand wouldn’t benefit from a presence on Instagram? Think again. The social media behemoth boasts more than 500 million daily active users. Let that sink in for a second. That means that there are 500 million potential people who could interact with your brand every single day. Are you currently tapping into that? […]

Having a Dream: Martin Luther King Jr’s Marketing Master Class

There is more to Martin Luther King Jr. Day than a day of rest. Here are 8 lessons marketers can learn from this famous man who gave one of the most famous speeches in world history.     1. Have a dream (aka a goal)   In order to accomplish anything, you must have a […]

The Top 5 Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2019

In today’s fast-paced, on-demand society, innovation drives progress at lightning speed – especially when it comes to marketing. Each year, marketing becomes increasingly complex, so it’s always a good idea for marketers to keep their eyes on emerging technologies, methods and patterns. Just when marketers believe that they’re ahead of the game, a new technology, […]

6 Essential SEO Trends & Best Practices for 2019

The new year is almost upon us. Wondering what’s ahead for your SEO rankings and content in 2019? In this article, we’ll look at some strategies and tactics that you can start implementing now to get a head start on keeping your brand relevant on search engines.   1. Voice Search Our list opens with […]

OK Google: How can I optimize my website for Voice Search?

If you haven’t heard, voice search has become a big deal — and if done right, can direct much more traffic to your site. A few years ago, everyone was counting down the days until Google released its dreaded April 2015 algorithm update – which became known as “Mobilegeddon”. The prospect of mobile SEO had […]

The rise of Type Design

Sci-fi books, movies, and shows often accurately predict the future. From debit cards to video chat to landing on the moon—even the UI designs seen in Star Trek and the like are pretty on-trend. UIs of the future are always flat and feature mostly typography and strokes/lines. It seems like sci-fi accurately predicted the flat […]

The Future Of Marketing

Did Elon Musk just pull off the most effective advertisement of all time? Without even trying to sell you anything, Elon Musk – founder, CEO of SpaceX and co-founder, CEO of Tesla – has everyone buzzing about Falcon Heavy rockets and Tesla roadsters.     This isn’t the first time Tesla has created marketing magic. […]

What Are Backlinks? | Why Backlinks Are Essential for SEO

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), a “backlink” is created when one website mentions another website and links to it. It’s not merely referencing the website or it’s web address. It has to be a clickable link using an href attribute within the code. It’s the difference between and Google.   In […]

The Top 10 SEO Tools To Use In 2018

If you’re an entrepreneur, an online-strategist, a blogger, or a digital marketer, then you most likely understand the significance of SEO as an advertising and marketing technique. Without the right tools, the amount of time it takes to create an effective SEO campaign increases significantly. And, as the saying goes, time is money!     […]

Hottest Web Design Trends for 2017

The web is a rapidly evolving space. Technologies and development techniques can appear quickly. Ever improving tools allow for greater freedom when designing interfaces and interactions. And because of this, web design patterns and techniques can begin to trend within a short period of time. Below is a list of web design trends to keep […]