During Twitter’s recent 2021 Analyst Day presentation, the company revealed at least part of the paid subscription service it’s been working on for some time. It’s called “Super Follow” and will allow users to get exclusive content, deals, and community access to creators. Other big announcements include the testing of a new groups feature – “Communities”, as well as “Safety Mode.”

Twitter’s mockup of its Super Follow feature.
 Image: Twitter

Super Follow will be a game-changer for Twitter. The new feature will give an opportunity for creators and more the ability to directly monetize their audience on Twitter. Super Follow is conceptually similar to how Patreon works. Twitter expects to bring Super Follow to market sometime in 2021, product lead Kayvon Beykpour told analysts, without being more specific. It’s a new “subscriber layer” to Twitter, and the price point for Super Follow will be “highly customizable based on the creator,” Beykpour said. “They can directly monetize from the audience they’ve already built on Twitter.”

Twitter shared several screenshots of the new feature during the event earlier today. Subscription perks will include “Supporter badge, Subscriber-only Newsletters, Exclusive content, Deals & discounts, Community access.” The subscriptions will go for $4.99/month with the option to “Cancel anytime.”

Twitter’s mockup of its Safety Mode feature.
 Image: Twitter

On the safety and security front, Twitter announced a new “Safety Mode” feature that will let users automatically block or mute other accounts that violate the company’s policies. A feature like this has been a long time coming. Historically, Twitter hasn’t done the best job at policing its platform, leading to rampant harassment of some individuals. Things eventually came to a head when, back in 2018, Jack Dorsey was asked by Congress why it took the company more than five hours to remove an abusive tweet aimed at Meghan McCain. At the time, Dorsey promised the company would take a more proactive approach to the problem. Since then, Twitter has introduced moderation algorithms it said have been detecting more than 50% of abusive tweets before users flag them. 

Twitter’s mockup of its Communities feature.
 Image: Twitter

Also at the investor day, Twitter announced an upcoming feature called Communities, which will let users create and join groups around specific interests, akin to Facebook Groups. Twitter users can create and join groups around specific interests — like cats or plants, Twitter suggests — allowing them to see more tweets focused on those topics. Groups have been a huge success for Facebook, and they could be a particularly helpful tool on Twitter, since the service’s open-ended nature can make it difficult for new users to get started on the platform. 

Twitter did not share a timeline for when it plans to roll out Safety Mode or Communities to users, though it will likely be sometime later this year.

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